Defenders of American Exceptionalism*

If you are looking for witty banter and comical, common sense, takes on the news of the day, the stories you don't get to hear, and maybe a new perspective or twenty; mix that in with a bucket full of innuendo and pop-culture references and you have made it to the right place.

Don't trust us, we are giving our opinions. Follow the truth. Listen to everyone. Mind your own business.


*This podcast is NOT produced by American Pod Talk

Hosted ByDylan Liles and Steven Airey

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Defenders- Defenders LIVE Episode 620: COVID Restrictions All Year Long

NYSE looks to move out of NY, Utah make 2a reals again, White House defends trans athlete order, NIH no longer calls pregnant women … women, We agree with Piers Morgan for once, COVID Herd Immunity is now projected to not happen until after…

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Defenders- Defenders LIVE Episode 619: Having A Blast

The senate votes to move forward with Trump Impeachment, a professor is hitting back against false accusations, #AnimalLivesMatter, the best holding hair in the world, Biden to removes all US Attorneys appointed by trump, Netflix and related folks in…

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Defenders- Defenders LIVE Episode 617: An American Huddle

Tonight the Boys are joined by hosts of American Huddle, Jason and Brandon, as they go over the stories of the day.

#ArmYourselves! Defenders Live is on the scene!

#WhatILearnedToday #LiveFree #Mojo50 #ArmYourselves…

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Defenders- Defenders LIVE Episode 616: Bikini Bottoms for Xim

Father helps his son create bikini bottoms to lessen his bulge and now they have a business, the WH Press denies a CDC release happened, a NY democrat calls foul election results as they are losing, Grocery workers want “HERO PAY”, the DOD looks to…

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