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American Huddle is a podcast dedicated to discussing politics openly.  We believe that nothing is beyond discussion and that debate can be a healthy outlet for individual opinions.  Join us for conversations surrounding local, state, and national politics.

Hosted ByJason Varner

Meet Our Host

Jason has been involved in politics for over 10 years. He has served, and continues to serve, on various boards and committees. Jason brings a unique perspective to politics and pushes the boundaries of everyday conversation by openly discussing the hard topics that some even consider taboo.

Jason Varner

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3 weeks ago

Do the 10 people killed a POC out west mean we need to start a hashtag to condemn racism. #StopWhiteHate

Or are we over the ignorant divisive Rhetoric and ready to say, #StopHate #RacismSucks

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American Huddle- Transformations – EXPLICIT

This week, Jason has joined buy a special guest host. They cover media bias, Joe Biden’s promise to increase taxes, and get into a long discussion on gender dysphoria.

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American Huddle- Misconduct, Control, and Compression

After taking some time off for personal matters, American Huddle is back with an all-new episode including NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio calling for Governor Cuomo to resign, the...

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American Huddle- Pork Chop Zones

Pork Chop Zones Biased Reactions The Rise of our Enemies Build Back Better Plan

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American Huddle- Pride, Prejudice, and Propaganda

Protests in the Capitol, biased media coverage, and constructing a path forward.

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American Huddle- Call me, Maybe

This week, we provide you with the uninterrupted, unedited phone call between President Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of State. What’re your thoughts?

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