3rd & Ate

3rd & Ate is a podcast dedicated to serving you up-to-date information on weekly American Football games with a side of food topics.  Listen to our podcasts online at 3rdandate.com or listen to us live every Monday night at 6pm on Next Door Radio.

Hosted ByBrandon Adcock & Jason Varner

Meet Our Hosts

Brandon is an avid sports fan with a passion for statistics and food.  His favorite team is the Colts.  In his spare time, he enjoys coaching his son in tackle football, flag football, and basketball.

Brandon Adcock

Jason is the proud father of two boys.  He enjoys coaching a range of sports including football, basketball, and soccer.  While his passion is sports, he also has talents for carpentry and marketing.

Jason Varner

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3rd&Ate- 2022 NFL AFC South Predictions

AFC South Predictions with callers Jonathan Hopkins and Michael Robbins. Food Review: Cajun Two Step

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3rd&Ate- NFC West Predictions 2022

NFC West predictions, Shake It or Bake It game, and Hot Lix with crickets!

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3rd&Ate- 2022 Mock NFL Draft and NFL Draft Trivia

First Segment – Mock Draft pt1 Second Segment – Mock Draft pt2 Third Segment – Draft Trivia

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3rd&Ate- New NFL Head Coach Rankings, NBA Playoffs, and Drafting Appetizers

Segment 1 – New Head Coach Rankings Segment 2 – New Head Coach Rankings cont’d Segment 3 – NBA Playoffs Segment 4 – Appetizer Draft

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