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Defenders- Episode 148: The Christ Is Not A Refugee

Tonight: AOC calls Jesus a refugee at birth…. i guess that is what you get from a “latina-jewess” who can’t count. The Holy land dissolves the Knesset in light of their obstruction to policy making, allowing for a new election come April. A US District Court Judge thinks he can force N. Korea to pay $500 million, albeit to a good cause, it probably won’t work. Back on the border again … another child has passed away after their parents forced them to march to the border, CBP has new orders, which is gonna cost us a whole lot more because of it. Trump finds a replacement for Mattis, and then goes and makes a surprise visit to the troops. Vegan couples and rickets, tourist killing on Morocco, Amazon keeps all records of all conversations that are within earshot of their devises, trash boats having issues, all to end it off with a feel good story for our time.

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