Defenders of American Exceptionalism*

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If you are looking for witty banter and comical, common sense, takes on the news of the day, the stories you don't get to hear, and maybe a new perspective or twenty; mix that in with a bucket full of innuendo and pop-culture references and you have made it to the right place.

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Defenders- Episode 147: The 10 Percent

Tonight: On this, the last show before Christmas, what do we find? But a government closing its doors for a time. Two artists are finding their faith under fire, for the gaystapo were lighting their funeral pyre. A new cake is toast for the baker won’t boast of a person who changed their front end, the Tolerance abounds as David Limbaugh sounds of their black hole from with they all ascend. A drone piloted above London sent all in a tizzy, but now they locked up that case; and poor Cindy Crawford whose days are behind her, is upset because a man stole her face. It’s not over yet, AOC the socialist’s pet, got one Right on a rare Christmas Miracle, and a pedo/pediatrician, has been forced to submission, and no I am not being cynical!

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