Defenders of American Exceptionalism*

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If you are looking for witty banter and comical, common sense, takes on the news of the day, the stories you don't get to hear, and maybe a new perspective or twenty; mix that in with a bucket full of innuendo and pop-culture references and you have made it to the right place.

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Defenders- Episode 144: Fiji is Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Tonight: Migrants, Illegals, demands…… OH MY!?!? We have a few stories about the migrant crisis as it gets worse, but not….. The, let’s hop back over the southern border into California, where we have new possible taxes underway, and a representative who wants to stifle everyones right to free speech. You get what you vote for…. We briefly check in on France, as to not get bombed ourselves, look into the latest rulings on behalf of project VERITAS, and plan a vacation to Fiji, why? Let’s just say they are having quite the white Christmas season.

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