3rd & Ate

Hosted ByBrandon Adcock & Jason Varner

3rd & Ate is a podcast dedicated to serving you up-to-date information on weekly American Football games with a side of food topics.  Listen to our podcasts online at 3rdandate.com or listen to us live every Monday night at 6pm on Next Door Radio.

Conspiracy Theories and Steak

We cover this week’s games, Jason continues his crusade against Tua, our mutual love for Justin Herbert, why the Colts should beat baltimore this week and all the others.

In segment two we cover various sports conspiracies from the Flu Game to The Panthers Broncos Superbowl, Brandon shares love for LeBron James and we tell America what we as a country can learn from sports and kids.

Then we cover the best way to eat a steak end up somehow on breakfast.