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Benetis – 9.5

Benetis – 9.5

Benetis - 9.5

Allow me to set the scene. It was noon on Saturday, I had been jumping at skyzone with our football team and hadn’t ate all day. I was hell bound and determined to have a waffle to start my day. We hit up Dames and Briggs to be slapped in the forehead with two 45 minutes waits. So I declined disrespectfully. We tried another place about 15 minutes away that once we got there we discovered didn’t have dine in. At that point, with sweat upon my brow and breasts and anger in my heart I exclaimed the closest place that dines in we’re eating and idc what or where it is. We stumbled upon Benetis hungry, tired, moody and quite frankly to be fair, ready to be met with disappointment. From the outside it looks like the average run of the mill diner and walking in doesn’t do much to dispel that notion. Plain restaurant, plain menu low music in the background. I had next to no expectations except enough food to maintain my michelin figure by 1pm. Jason looking around mentioned, the food looks legit man. I ordered a skillet called the broadway with a foundation of potatoes, ham, sausage and bacon that you could likely put a mobile home on and it be sturdy. On top of that was two scrambled eggs that were hand plucked by Laura Ingalls herself. Then, to as Lil Boosie said “set it off in this mfer” I got a chocolate chip waffle. I’m fairly picky about waffles. But this waffle was political tension at family Thanksgiving thick. It was the size of Tom Brady’s ego and delivered like Kobe with 3 seconds left on the shot clock. I wolved down the skillet with zero shame and only used a fork because they didn’t provide an IV drip or oil funnel. But I savored the waffle. I ate it slow and delicate to let it know I was in love. It quite honestly beat out Dames as the best waffle I’ve had due to the batter thickness and the nice touch of having chocolate chips in the batter and a scoop of butter with chocolate chips on top. Im not sure if it was the fact I was caught off guard, starving, or the fact that Benetis in greenwood commons shopping center in Durham is fantastic, but that meal I engulfed gets a 9.5/10.